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Welcome to By ZebraBooks

By ZebraBooks is a company that specializes in promoting books, magazines and periodical publications within the world of design, contemporary art, lifestyle and creativity.
Our mission is to spread the best independent and international online and offline publications.
Our selection is based on distinctive and singular products and services, chosen to be shown in very selected places.
By ZebraBooks together with the award-winning studio Ciszak Dalmas, has developed an application for IL CARRELLO, a new approach to displaying art or familiar objects produced by La Clinica Design.
By ZebraBooks + IL CARRELLO = The Kiosk, an itinerant display of books and magazines that offers extraordinary visual content, always with a specific criteria for our publications’ locations.
The Kiosk reflects the spirit of innovative publishers around the world.
For our 7th anniversary, By ZebraBooks brings a sense of exclusive design to press promotion.